What The Hell Am I Talking About

Australia like any other country is portrayed and represented by not only its people but by its actions. Looking into the past and even to the future you can see many focal points of Australia’s history which has defined the way we are seen and the way we see ourselves. Australia is a nation which is full of surprises much like its people and history. It is said that in Australia “all our best heroes are losers[1].” A lot of other stuff is said about Australia some good some bad but overall there are mixed opinions. So my quest here this week is to kind of break down these opinions and stereotypes and get a good look at what others are saying about Australia and what Australians are saying about other Australians to the world and to each other.

So hopefully you will enjoy learning about the stuff I learnt about and enjoyed it as much as I have because this is a concept which I’ve thought about a lot. Hopefully we learn a bit and it’s not a total waste of time. Talk to you guys later and hopefully I will have more to post about soon!!

[1] Glover, Richard. “AUSTRALIAN HUMOR QUOTES.” Redbubble. N.p., n.d. Web. 25 Aug. 2012. <http://www.redbubble.com/people/stevehook/writing/1523695-australian-humor-quotes&gt;.


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