Red Dog and The Australian Spirit

So basically in 2011 an Australian film produced by Nelson Woss called “Red Dog” was released. This film was an Australian hit and made an estimated gross profit of 21million[1]. The producer of the film says

“I think Red Dog embraces the Australian spirit and communities coming together in tough times, and as a result I think Australians are celebrating that.[2]

The movie review done by a reporter at AdelaideNow basically comments on not only the film but the social impact it had on communities. The reporter presents the film in the view of three different professionals. The first being Woss himself, the second a demographer called Bernard Slat, thirdly social analyst David Chalke and finally John Spoeher who is a social researcher. Each have distinctly different reasons behind why they think the film became so popular but a common thread of thought between all of them is the celebration of Australian spirit.

So from this film review I was provided insight into what the article believed Australia to be. The first thing which I noticed due to its repetition was a sense of community. One of the professionals said that a sense of community was not nonexistent in Australia whilst the other three argued that the sense of community is now growing. Both parties both mentioned this concept of community and coming together, especially coming together with social media and popular culture. Australian communities are apparently coming together to support the film and by doing this they harbor a sense of community and interconnectedness with one another.

They also mentioned that Australia could see themselves reflected in the film, the attributes and qualities of humour, camaraderie, companionship and the ability to bounce back was some of the themes which were witnessed. This film resonated with so many Australians because it was a movie about community and of simpler times. Another key thing which was mentioned was the dog itself. It is said that “dogs are a man’s best friend” and this was really shown in the film. Film critic Margaret Pomeranz mentions the dog in her film review with David Stratton, “and the dog is a winner. He’s gorgeous,” the importance of the dog in this film is phenomenal. He portrays unrelenting loyalty and faith and symbolises friendship and the ability of one person, or in this case dog, to reunite and join together a community. So the four things I think that were portrayed in the film review and subsequently the film itself were

  1. Community
  2. Australian Spirit
  3. Friendship
  4. Loyalty

So to sum up the article really was about the Australian spirit and cultural identity which was seen and experienced in the film. Margaret from ‘At the Moves’ on the ABC sums the film up by saying that it was “a melting pot of Australia[3]” and all Australian qualities.

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