Who Are We?

This is the latest print tourism camping which was commissioned by Tourism Australia and it is something which I found quite fascinating. Tourism Australia is responsible for all the promotion of Australia domestically and internationally. They work with the different states and different industry sectors so that the best of Australia and the experiences offered can be promoted to Australian Experience Seekers. So basically they are officially[1] in charge of how Australia is advertised and portrayed in the world. So i used this source to provide insight into the “how we want to be seen in the world” part of the question and to be honest it was quite helpful as it answered the question interestingly.

Looking at the two pictures serptly in this campaign they both have very different messages and portray separate personas. Kind of like somebody who has split personalities, they’re different but essentially the same. Looking at the first image which is the orangey yellow one I found was quite an interesting way to portray Australia. The fist image is basically about Australia’s story and how we got to where we are now. Australia Tourism has said that Australians are

“The people of Australia are friendly and straight talking and open. Their sense of mateship and their no worries attitude make all visitors feel welcome. They make it easy to enjoy adventures beyond imagination. Whether it’s in Australia’s wide-open landscapes, pristine oceans or vibrant cities a holiday in Australia is an opportunity to experience a vast yet accessible adventure playground. You don’t just visit Australia, you live it.[2]

On a deeper and closer look each poster targets a different niche but are targeting groups that are essentially ‘experience seekers.’ The elements of the poster are very simple but it shows very historic and iconic Australian symbols. Those symbols would be Ayres Rock and emus.  I think that Tourism Australia does this for two reasons firstly because of the text on the poster which talks about history and dreams and what Australia means and what it can do for you. The first sentence talks about inspiring dreams and I think it makes a symbolic reference to the indigenous people and their dreaming. By doing this is portrays to the world that we are embracing our history and not shunning it.  The poster also talks about being welcomed into Australia, this presents Australians as friendly and kind to strangers. Additionally the poster makes references to what people already know Australia has: beaches, bush and billabongs. Something that I think wasn’t intentional was the fact that a lot of the messages in this poster is implied so it shows that we treat people as equals not as dumb foreigners and that we ourselves are quite intelligent. There are certain elements to this poster which are emphasised and I think those are the things which tourism Australia knows that visitors want to do but by adding this emphasis i think it kind of typecasts us into being seen in only one particular way.

The second poster which i will dub the weird jumping guy is the green poster. This poster is somewhat similar to the orange one as it promotes Australia as an experience, whether you are in the city or the country.  I think that this poser also portrays Australians as smart and quite funny due to the little tagline at the end of the poster.

“No wonder the first voyagers didn’t visit, they explored”

I think this was very clever and it shows that Australians have humour and they are witty as well. The man is also made up of words that are apparently what Australia and Australians posses. Near the foot of the man Australia Tourism has included cricket and beaches and everywhere else there’s mentions pubs, food, people, barbeques and other things as well. These are also the stereotypical things which Aussies do and Tourism Australia really play on that.

Overall it portrays Australians as positive, friendly and inviting people. This is the way the government wasn’t Australia to be perceived, perceived as a nation full of great people and a place to journey, adventure and discover.

A place which is overall great like its people.

This is one of the more positive views of Australia that I found in my research, the other sources I looked at were more negative and comedic whilst this one is quite serious in its purpose. This was good to see as it was one of the only sources I found that really showed how we want to be seen by others in the globe. So overall a great source to research and write about. I enjoyed it thoroughly and it helped me immensely!!!

[1] In the eyes of the government that is

[2] “Australia’s Tourism Brand.” Tourism Australia –. N.p., n.d. Web. 25 Aug. 2012. <http://www.tourism.australia.com/en-au/marketing/brand-australia.aspx&gt;.


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