Finishing a marathon…

Three cheers for me because I just finished answering my own question!!
This was basically, for me, like running a marathon. Ridiculously hard and not enjoyable unless you like marathons then think of another metaphor for yourself.  learnt quite a nit about Australian Identity and about the question I posed earlier

“How do Australians see themselves, and how are Australians seen in the world?”

I think I answered this question well, even if it did leave me with more questions than answers!! Hopefully this helped you guys because I din’t help me (joking, or am I?)

I hope this wasn’t to boring for you guys and that it was mildly interesting but hopefully something else interesting catches my eye soon so I can get blogging again, if you have any suggestions leave a comment!!

Also check out National Geographic s 100 Aussie Icons article, they collabrated wah ttey thought to be Aussie icons into this one pciture featued here: Click on the picture to open the link!!


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